Women's World Banking Leadership and Diversity Program

Rockflower Partners is partnering with Women's World Banking  in support of their Leadership and Diversity Program. Women's World Banking is a global nonprofit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources they require to build security and prosperity. The program aims to support training of women leaders in serving the women's financial market.

One billion women need access to basic financial products and services. Only innovative leaders and institutions with gender-diverse leadership will be ready to take on this challenge successfully and meet this significant market opportunity. Research shows that companies with gender-diverse teams have higher productivity, profitability, employee commitment and retention. They are also better positioned to serve an increasingly diverse customer base, a significant segment of them low-income women. 

Building on 10 years of Women’s World Banking’s signature Women in Leadership Program

In response to this market reality, Women’s World Banking has been providing leadership training for women leaders across the globe for 10 years. 327 women from 128 institutions in 57 countries have participated and grown in this program. These women have had transformative experiences and many report taking on larger roles in their organizations after attending the Program. In fact, one participant became the CEO of her organization.

Building on this signature program, Women’s World Banking launched and is in its third year of a global program for both women leaders and executives, the Leadership and Diversity for Innovation Program (LDIP). The Program pairs together a senior executive (female or male) and a high-potential woman (selected by the senior executive) from institutions in the financial inclusion sector from emerging markets. By pairing a woman leader with a senior decision-maker in her organization, she gains support for her development and visibility to take on bigger and more strategic assignments.

Women leaders who attend LDIP gain core skills needed to clarify their leadership vision and create an actionable development plan. Executives support the woman leader’s professional advancement during and beyond the program. In addition, they have the opportunity to work with the executive participant on a critical business challenge aimed at serving low-income women or increasing gender diversity at their institution.

Some of the business challenges that leaders have tackled include, increasing the percentage of women taking up a new individual lending product, creating internal women’s leadership and mentoring programs to strengthen the future talent pipeline, and launching an online mobile platform that is faster, affordable and accessible especially for women.

What they are saying about the Program:

“The program has taught me how to get buy-in of stakeholders to implement something new. In fact, I have been able to introduce a risk framework for the organization.” —Financial Services Institution, India

“My leadership for the team has changed—we created a strategy to reach 50,000 Individual Loan clients by 2017 and 40% of them women. Already up to now, we [have reached] 49% women.” —Microfinance Institution, Egypt

About Women's World Banking

Women's World Banking is the global nonprofit devoted to giving more low-income women access to the financial tools and resources they require to build security and prosperity. For nearly 40 years, Women’s World Banking has worked with financial institutions to show them the benefit of investing in women as customers, and as leaders. Women’s World Banking continues to equip these institutions with in-depth market research, with sustainable financial products and consumer education to meet women’s needs.


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